Meet the 2018 HATCH Interns


Meet the 2018 HATCH Interns


Camille Hunt

Passionate about entrepreneurs developing a compelling story, pitch decks & public speaking, and helpful to medtech/biotech companies with my background as a healthcare clinician. Camille is currently completing her MBA at UBC.






Stuart Karol

Stuart is an experienced marketer with 6 years of experience building brands and telling stories in a wide range of marketing facets, from strategy to execution and analysis. An efficient project lead, he uses his energy, enthusiasm, and versatility to attack problems from many angles while coming up with unique solutions. Stuart is currently completing his MBA at UBC.





Pranav Menon

Pranav is a 5th Integrated Engineering student at UBC who loves to use his software development, engineering and business background to create exceptional value for the people he works with. Pranav usually doesn’t need his cup of coffee in the morning because more than anything, he gets all the energy he needs from working on impact driven projects at either AMS Entrepreneurship Hub Program or with the ventures at e@UBC. When he’s not working, he loves camping, skiing and teaching people how to Rock Climb and experience the great outdoors.




Christine Somerville

Christine is an MBA student at UBC Sauder School of Business. She has a degree in Applied Science from Queen’s University, ON. She is an APEGA-registered Professional Engineer in the province of Alberta and has extensive experience working on capital projects in the oil and gas industry, including business development roles, strategic planning and implementation. Christine is in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Track.





George Cherian 

Instrumentation Engineer, a sales guy, a problem solver. Worked in India and Qatar, delivering engineering systems and solutions to various industries. The drive to serve company and customer better required to be honed and therefore joined MBA at UBC, Vancouver. Fun to be with and loves cinema, books and dancing.

Believes in two mottos, 1) Everything is always about people. Even if you lose all but have people with you, it can be built and gained again. But if you lose people, you lose everything. 2) All problems have a solution, you just have to look in the right        place with the right people by your side.




Michael Barker

Michael is in the final stretch of earning his MBA designation at the University of British Columbia. For the past 15 years he’s held different positions in large, medium and small-sized firms as well as started his own company. He has worked various occupations alongside all types of co-workers and work environments, building a vast array of pliable skills.

When he’s not working, he is socializing with friends, new and old; getting outside with his dog “Bob” for walks around the city and hikes up local mountains; reading about history, human behaviour, general enterprise, and current affairs; and indulging his guilty pleasure of watching well-written TV series.



Khushnum Patel

A business and finance professional, currently pursuing her MBA, having worked in real estate finance and business development. Passionate about helping start-ups provide impactful value in the economy and society. Enjoys watching movies, travelling and hugging dogs. Big believer of helping people unlock their potential and thus play her role in continuing the circle of mutual accomplishments.