Investor Showcase

Entrepreneurship@UBC & HATCH

UBC Investor Showcase

May 8th, 2018 @ Robson Square

This showcase is an intimate and tailored gathering for investors interested in pre-seed to seed-stage investments.

Hear from an independently selected group of ventures that have built strong teams and achieved market traction, displaying high potential to take their technologies to the global market. Join us for an afternoon to meet these ventures, including one-on-one meetings that will be arranged.

Hatch Venturesfor access to individual company information please contact

Anomotion Interactive Inc

Anomotion is pioneering a new procedural animation technique called motion composition to automate the production of life-like character motion in video games and other visual computing applications.


Aaron Davey

Cambridge Energy Partners

Cambridge Energy Partners makes clean energy more accessible and affordable for industry in remote regions.


Tom Miller

CarboNet Nanotechnologies

Carbonet is commercializing a patented Nanonet technology to provide a low energy, cost-effective solution that slots into standard processes for industrial wastewater treatment.


Michael Carlson

Elevated Signals

Elevated Signals is building a precision cannabis cultivation platform that digitizes Health Canada compliance record keeping, automates strain-specific workflows, and monitors environmental risks using wireless sensors. The system helps licensed producers reduce crop loss, ensure quality, and boost profits in the greenhouse.


Amar Singh

Embrace Orthapaedics

Embrace is developing athletic apparel with integrated joint support that outperforms traditional rigid braces.


Zack Eberwein

ExcelSense Technologies Corp

ExcelSense Technologies has developed the only available maintenance-free self-cleaning camera in industry which allows clear visibility into the dirtiest industrial processes elevating safety, increasing revenue and eliminating maintenance.


Nima Nabavi

Meatme is an online marketplace for consumers to easily buy healthy & ethically raised meats direct from small scale local farmers.


Victor Straatman


Orbitless is the first novel drivetrain technology in generations and can be used in anywhere gear motors are used. We work with leading innovative gearhead, power transmission, and gearmotor companies that are looking to maintain their competitive edge.


Robert Eisses

Pathonix Sports

Pathonix has developed a platform of software and sensors that provides coaches with real-time insights on how their athletes’ bodies are performing so they can manage training load and injury risk, optimize performance, and track the recovery of injured athletes as they return to play.


Kevin Reilly

Vesalius Cardiovascular

Vesalius Cardiovascular is a medical device company designing and developing a surgical implant able to repair Mitral Regurgitation, a major heart valve disease, without the need for open-heart surgery.


Vincent Ledoux